MACS. MEMS-based Anti Climbing System.

Macs is the anti-intrusion perimeter system designed for rigid and semi-rigid metal fences. Based on MEMS technology and thanks to the sophisticated proprietary algorithm, Macs can reliably detect any attempt at climbing intrusion while guaranteeing optimal resistance to adverse weather conditions, such as rain and wind, vegetation, roads, railways and machinery located in the vicinity of the fence and even human motions other than climbing.

The flexibility and the ease of installation and programming make MACS a system particularly suitable for large sites, regardless the dimension and the complexity of the fence.

Power supply management
entirely inside the building

  • Power supply to Master via Comm. Board located inside the building (maximum distance between Comm. Board and Master: 1 km)
  • Outside NO 230V connection, NO power supply unit, NO backup battery

Quick configuration

  • Web programming interface: simple, powerful, secure
  • Automatic detection of connected sensors
  • Smart calibration function for adaptation to fencing

Robust, compact and stylish

  • Factory cabled and fully potted sensors (IP68 protection)
  • Special design of the case to provide exceptional strength against strain to the cable
  • Compact and stylish design

Flexible and quick to install

  • Flexible and quick fixing system for mounting on poles or panels
  • The sensor casing is equipped with a special mechanism to ensure rapid and effective installation

High reliability

  • Immune to adverse weather conditions, vegetation, roads, railways and machinery located in the vicinity of the fence
  • Optimal discrimination of non-hostile and hostile actions
  • Secure and encoded communication between system elements
MACS. MEMS-based Anti Climbing System
MACS is the perimeter protection system specifically designed for rigid and semi-rigid metallic fences. Read more

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