INXPECT. The sense of motion.

Inxpect technology revolutionizes the world of volumetric protection, guaranteeing maximum security, exceptional flexibility and incredible ease of installation and configuration in a stylish and compact design. With Inxpect you can finally see without looking. Featuring an unmistakable Italian design, the MSK-101 is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy

Detects and tracks intruders.
In the dark or in the rain.

How many false alarms are tripped by current technologies used in the security sector? Are modern systems able to distinguish human motion from that of pets, birds, or other animals accurately and efficiently?
Inxpect can, distinguishing human intruders from animals, thereby minimising false alarms, in any conditions of weather, light or temperature.

Main advantages

Proprietary algorithms

Capacity superior to current technologies available for similar applications, resistant to adverse weather conditions, fog, smoke and rain. Reliable in any condition of light or temperature.

Tracking & Fencing

With precise detection of distance of intruders, the installer can count on the possibility of creating specific alarm and pre-alarm areas, and setting the working distances of the sensors for unrivalled flexibility

Pet immunity

Impressive ability to distinguish human motion from the motion of pets, birds, insects, or other animals in the vicinity. Ability to distinguish and discriminate vegetation.


Compatible with all alarm control panels equipped with four programmable relay outputs.

Compact and stylish

Sensors with a unique design, featuring the elegance of Italian style and compact size to make it ideal for any type of environment.

Installed in 10 minutes

The case design, unique in its sector, enables assembly of the sensor in less than 5 minutes. The simplicity of configuration via a smartphone means a drastic reduction in overall installation times, to less than 10 minutes.

IP68 protection

Case designed and produced according to IP68 protection criteria, for wall or ceiling mounting, designed for all applications in the sector of high security.
Inxpect MSK series smart motion detectors are based on FMCW radar technology, a proven technique that guarantees best in class performance at detecting and tracking motion.
Intelligent Motion Sensor
Thanks to Inxpect’s proprietary system design, the MSK-101 goes far beyond what conventional “radars” can do, and delivers unmatched performance at detecting intruders while minimizing false positives due to small animals or varying environmental conditions. Read more

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