Not everyone knows that...

The current anti-theft systems are based on an obsolete technology that is easily defeatable. Thieves know perfectly how to bypass these conventional
security systems.
We believe that security professionals should offer to their customers the most advanced technologies available: the high-security ones.

Let’s make a comparison



Reed vs Magnasphere
Reed, tecnologia convenzionale


Invented in 1930 for use in telecommunications, later on adopted for security applications. Sadly, still the most popular in use today in security systems!

Magnasphere, tecnologia evoluta


This new technology was invented in the USA in 2002 and was immediately applied to the highest levels of security.


Anti masking security

Reed, tecnologia convenzionale


Reed-based magnetic contacts are easily defeatable. A simple external magnet can mask the contact, effectively
disabling the alarm.

Magnasphere, tecnologia evoluta


TSEC contacts are resistant to magnetic masking from outside the protected perimeter: any attempt results in an alarm.


metal = robustness

Reed, tecnologia convenzionale


The switches are made of glass, they are too easily broken and need to be handled with care.

Magnasphere, tecnologia evoluta


Magnasphere switches are made of tough metal which is difficult to break before, during or after the installation.

compatibility= saving

TSEC contacts are compatible with all existing alarm panels. An upgrade to the advanced technology from TSEC does not require any costly changes to the electronics of your system!

Technical features

  • Security certifications of maximum degree.
  • High resistance, anodised aluminium cases.
  • Quality screw terminals.
  • Compatible with all alarm panels.
  • Quality checked individually.
  • Stainless steel armored cable.
  • Design based on patented Magnasphere® technology.
  • Ease of installation and configuration.
  • Fully potted construction.
  • Patented magnetic anti-removal system.

your security comes first

We design and manufacture high-tech devices:
our innovation at your service.

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